IIn order to participate in CARS 2022 (hereinafter the “Congress”), please read the following notes and agree to the terms and conditions before viewing the website.

Terms and conditions

Notes on viewing the website

  1. (1) Payment of the registration fee is required to attend the Congress.
  2. (2) The copyright to the contents of this session belongs to the speaker.
  3. (3) You may view the website only if you agree to the protection of copyright and portrait rights.

Agreements for viewing Web sites

  1. (1) You shall not violate copyrights, portrait rights, or unreasonable rights by copying, reproducing, editing, recording, or diverting the contents of the Congress (which includes taking screen shots, photographs, downloading, and uploading to other sites of the Congress) without permission.
  2. (2) You shall not share the website with others.
  3. (3) To compensate for any damage caused by unjust infringement of rights.

I have read and understand the “Terms and Conditions” and agree to the “Terms and Conditions” before viewing the website.

System Requirements (recommended)

Please log in the Symposium in a location with a good internet connection.
To reduce the load on your PC, please close all unnecessary applications on your PC when connecting.

*In case you could not open the entry box (Basic Authentication pop-up) after log in, please refer notes from HERE.